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CGMC board meets with gubernatorial candidates (Round 2)

The CGMC Board of Directors met with gubernatorial candidates Keith Downey, Rebecca Otto and Paul Thissen on Wednesday, the second in a series of meetings with candidates running for governor. As we mentioned in last week’s CGMC in Brief, three candidates met with the board before the CGMC Fall Conference in November (read about those meetings here) and others are slated to meet with the board in January. Additional meeting dates may be added in the future if need be.

Keith Downey, the former chair of the Minnesota Republican Party and a former state representative who currently lives in Minnetonka, said his campaign theme is “Make Minnesota Work for Everyone.” His main priorities are reinvigorating the business climate by reducing taxes and regulations, fixing the achievement gap in the urban core and health care. As governor, Downey said he would reduce state spending by 15 percent and eliminate the commercial/industrial property tax, corporate tax and estate tax. Stating that “LGA is not something I would have dreamed up,” Downey said…

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