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CGMC, GMNP to host housing discussions in September

Looking ahead to the 2020 legislative session and beyond, we anticipate that housing will continue to be an important issue for the CGMC and our economic development-focused sister organization, the Greater Minnesota Partnership (GMNP). Housing, or a lack thereof, has a major impact on economic development and growth throughout the state, but oftentimes the conversation at the Capitol focuses on the needs of the metro area. That is why it is critical that the CGMC and GMNP continue be a strong voice for Greater Minnesota on this issue.  

In order to hear from our members and better understand the various housing concerns that impact your communities, the CGMC and GMNP are co-hosting meetings in Austin and Fergus Falls that will focus on housing. We encourage all interested city officials to attend. The information gleaned from the meetings will help us shape our legislative strategy on housing for the upcoming legislative session.

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