The Legislature and Governor missed an enormous opportunity in 2016 by failing to pass tax and bonding bills. Without a tax bill, cities will not receive a much-needed $20M increase in LGA. Without a bonding bill, Greater Minnesota communities won’t receive funding for wastewater infrastructure and other important projects. With a recently announced $1.4B surplus, the state is on firm financial footing‒it’s now up to our state leaders to take action.

There are signs that legislative leaders will revisit the 2016 tax and bonding bills in a legislative session soon, which would significantly benefit Greater Minnesota. For more on the CGMC’s position, read this press release.

Take action now!

As a Greater MN city leader, it is imperative that you call Governor Dayton TODAY and tell him:

  • Greater Minnesota city leaders and residents are counting on him to call a special session to pass bonding and tax bills.

Also, contact your current state legislators TODAY and tell them:

  • Join with Greater Minnesota communities in support of a special session focused on passing the tax and bonding bills.

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If you have any questions, please contact Bradley Peterson at or 651-259-1940.