The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is currently designing the project selection process it will use to direct the spending of $400 million in bonding and cash that the 2017 Legislature appropriated to the Corridors of Commerce program.

Since it was created in 2013, Corridors of Commerce funding has been split 50-50 between Greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro area, and has funded vital expansion and safety projects in both regions. However, because of pressure from the metro area, MnDOT is considering lowering Greater Minnesota’s share of the funding. MnDOT is also proposing a scoring system that would favor corridors that lead through the metro over those that connect Greater Minnesota cities to one another.

MnDOT is taking public comment on the proposed process through this Wednesday, December 20th. CGMC will be submitting a formal comment letter, but it is important that individual city leaders weigh in as well.

Take action now!

As a Greater Minnesota city leader, it is important that you contact MnDOT as soon as possible and urge them to:

  • Maintain the 50-50 split between Greater Minnesota and the metro area for Corridors of Commerce funding, as has been used in previous funding cycles and was understood throughout the 2017 legislative process would remain intact.
  • Reject a scoring system that allows more points for corridors that run through the metro area over those that connect Greater Minnesota cities.
  • Recognize that roads that connect Greater Minnesota communities to one another are just as important as those that connect to the Twin Cities.

More information on MnDOT’s draft scoring process can be found here:

Contact info

Comments MUST be submitted to Patrick Weidemann of MnDOT at by Wednesday, December 20.


If you have any questions about Corridors of Commerce or MnDOT’s draft scoring process, please contact CGMC transportation lobbyist Shane Zahrt at or (651) 295-1123.

Click here for a PDF version of this Action Alert.