The Omnibus Agriculture and Environment Bill is one of several bills that will likely be taken up during the upcoming special session. Several CGMC provisions were included in the original bill, which was vetoed by Governor Dayton. It is important to communities across the state that these provisions remain in the bill comes out of the special session.

ACTION: Call Senate Majority Leader Bakk and Speaker Daudt as soon as possible and:

– Thank them for including the CGMC’s provisions in the Omnibus Agriculture and Environment Bill

– Urge them to hold strong and keep the following provisions in the bill:

  • Independent peer review. (This provision will ensure that the science underlying the most expensive regulations is subject to an outside review and that the public will have an opportunity to comment on both the scope and the persons performing that review.)
  • Cost impact analysis. (This study will help the state and our communities understand the cumulative financial impact of current and upcoming rules to make better decisions and to ensure that state can assist communities in addressing the costs of these mandates.)
  • Limitation on enforcement of unadopted rules. (The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency should not be enforcing against our communities’ policies, strategies or other documents as if they were rules without going through the rule-making process. Due process rights should be respected.)

Contact Information

  • Email Senate Majority Leader Bakk using his email contact form (please use “Environment Bill” as the subject) or call him at 651-296-8881.
  • Email Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt at or call him at 800-710-7642.


If you have any questions about these issues, please contact CGMC environmental lobbyist Elizabeth Wefel at or 651-259-1924.