Members of the House of Representatives are advancing a bill that would penalize cities that receive LGA and also collect a Local Option Sales Tax. HF 3830, chief authored by Rep. Cal Bahr (R-East Bethel), would reduce a city’s LGA by the amount of funds that it collects under a Local Option Sales Tax approved by the city’s voters and authorized by the Legislature.

This bill will be heard on Wednesday, April 11 by the House Property Tax and Local Government Finance Division, chaired by Rep. Steve Drazkowski. We need your voice to push back against this dangerous bill!

Take action today!

It is critical that CGMC city leaders call or e-mail bill author Rep. Cal Bahr and Committee Chair Rep. Steve Drazkowski, as well as Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt and your own House member. Tell them to oppose HF 3830.

Let them know that:

  • This bill harms rural Minnesota, where the majority of cities that collect local sales taxes are located.
  • Local Option Sales Taxes are approved by voters and can only be spent on specific purposes that are authorized by the Legislature. They do not go to fund a city’s general operations or to provide services like fire, police or parks like LGA does.
  • This bill’s LGA cuts would directly result in property tax increases or cuts to city services.
  • The bill disproportionately punishes cities that need LGA the most. Wealthy cities that receive little or no LGA could continue to collect a Local Option Sales Tax without the same consequences.

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Need more information?

For more information, please contact CGMC Executive Director Bradley Peterson or CGMC lobbyist Shane Zahrt at