Tell Speaker Daudt to stop undermining the LGA program and support Greater Minnesota with 2002 funding level!

Late Tuesday, the House Republicans took their first stab at an LGA proposal and missed the mark completely. Instead of adopting Rep. Paul Anderson’s sensible, bi-partisan proposal to increase LGA funding to the 2002 level (an increase of $45.5 million over the next two years), the House Property Tax Division proposal from Rep. Steve Drazkowski undermines the program by arbitrarily reducing first-class cities’ LGA to 112.5% of the average per capita of all other cities. This reduces the total LGA appropriation by over $80 million. CGMC has always supported a rational formula where the amount a city receives is dictated by a formula based on an evaluation of need and tax base.

Bottom line: House GOP proposal provides no LGA increase despite the state’s $2 billion surplus and it weakens the program by arbitrarily reducing aid to Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth.

Contact Speaker Daudt today and tell him:

  • The House GOP proposal weakens the LGA program which is critical for Greater Minnesota cities.
  • That you expect the House GOP to fix their proposal by restoring the funding for cities of the first class and to strengthen the program by adopting Rep. Anderson’s bi-partisan funding proposal.

Contact Speaker Daudt today at or call him at 651-296-5364.