The Tax Conference Committee unveiled its tax proposal yesterday, and it looks dismal for Local Government Aid.

The bill includes only a $6 million one-time, one-year increase in 2018 and no increase for 2019. This is far below the $45.5 million increase in base funding that is needed to bring LGA back the 2002 level (not even accounting for inflation). This LGA run shows an estimate of how much LGA your city would receive under the conference committee’s proposal, as well as under the other various legislative proposals.

As the Legislature and Governor begin negotiations, now is the time to speak up for your city! With a $1.65 billion state budget surplus and a tax bill that spends $1.15 billion, legislators need to know that their tax bill is simply unacceptable on LGA.

Take action now!

As a Greater Minnesota city leader, it is important that you:

  • Contact your senator and representative as soon as possible and urge them to insist that the tax bill includes a permanent and ongoing $45.5 million increase.
  • Contact Gov. Dayton to thank him for his support for LGA and urge him to continue to fight for more LGA funding in his negotiations with House and Senate leaders.

Contact info


If you have any questions about LGA or the legislative session, please contact Bradley Peterson at or 651-259-1911.