The Minnesota Senate passed its Omnibus Tax Bill yesterday and it included a provision that would increase LGA funding by $45.5 million over two years to bring it back to the 2002 funding level. In contrast, the House Omnibus Tax Bill, which passed last week, would cut LGA by more than $84 million (with all of the cuts affecting the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth) and freeze the total LGA appropriation for other cities.

ACTION: CGMC members should contact Senate Tax Committee Chair Rod Skoe and Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk and:

  • Thank them for including an LGA increase in the Senate Tax Bill.
  • Encourage them to continue to fight for the LGA increase as the tax bill is negotiated in conference committee and until the end of session.

Contact Information

  • Email Sen. Rod Skoe at or call him at (651) 296-4196.
  • Email Senate Majority Leader Bakk using this email contact form (please use “LGA – Thank You” as the subject) or call him at (651) 296-8881.