We thought this bill was dead last session, but now the townships are pushing it once again and we need to stop this effort before it gains momentum.

SF 1749 prohibits a city from pursuing an annexation if the potential annexation area is covered by an orderly annexation agreement with another city. On paper this may sound reasonable, but what happens in practice is that a township will often pit two cities against each other to get the best deal for the township, rather than what is best for the region’s development.

Take action now!

Contact Sen. Dan Hall, chair of Senate Local Government Committee, and tell him that your city opposes SF 1749. In addition, contact your legislators and ask them to reach out to Sen. Hall to let him know that their local cities oppose this harmful legislation.

Tell them that SF 1749 is harmful because:

  • It stifles economic development, particularly in Greater Minnesota.
  • It prevents cities from having a say in how they develop, and instead gives townships disproportionate leverage in negotiating orderly annexation agreements.
  • It drives up the cost of local infrastructure and public services.
  • It would be a stunning restriction of property owner rights:
  • A landowner could be denied the right to connect with city services when building a home.
  • A business owner could be denied the right to build or expand a business.
  • A city may not be able to include property purchased for public purposes—such as for wastewater treatment, water supply or an industrial park—in its own boundaries.

Contact info


If you have any questions, please contact CGMC annexation lobbyist Elizabeth Wefel at eawefel@flaherty-hood.com or 651-259-1924.