UPDATE: The bonding bill failed on a 76-56 vote. 81 votes were needed for passage. The Minnesota House is scheduled to take up the bonding bill on the floor today.

It is anticipated that Rep. Hausman will introduce the following delete- everything amendment and this amendment to the amendment. In other words, this new language will take the place of the earlier version of the bill. Passage is not assured because a supermajority is required. We urge everyone, particularly those with projects in the bill, to reach out to your legislators. In addition to the particular reasons for supporting your project, here are some talking points that you can use to support a bonding bill this year (or to respond to objections):

  • If the primary objection is that the bill is too large, point out that it challenging to cut this down and do anything other than statewide projects such as Capitol and higher education. If this bill is cut down, local projects get cut and that means Greater Minnesota loses. 
  • If the primary objection is that they can do it next year, ask whether they would support a large (i.e., $1 billion) bonding bill next year because it doesn’t seem likely that a large bill like that will pass next year either.  Again, a legislator can claim to like your local project but want a smaller bonding bill, but if every GOP legislator says that about the bill, no local projects get done and that hurts Greater Minnesota.
  • If you want local projects done, you need to support a bill that covers not only your project but other projects. Remind them that the metro sticks together to get what they want (look at the St. Paul Saints stadium). If they want to help Greater Minnesota, they need to be willing to support this kind of bill.
  • If the primary objection is that they are not pleased with how the DFL is acting on other bills, ask them to rise above partisan politics on this issue. Capital Investment spending is an opportunity to assist your district like no other – vote for your community on this bill, not the caucus.