With the Legislature on break this week, things are a little quiet in St. Paul. Nonetheless, when the legislators return Monday they will face a torrent of issues and decisions before the Legislature adjourns in mid-May.
Among the tasks for the Legislature and Governor: dealing with changes to Minnesota’s tax system in response to the federal tax reform, cobbling together a bonding bill that meets Minnesota’s infrastructure needs, and putting together a supplemental budget. Wrapped up in all of this is also whether the Legislature will storm ahead and put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to permanently dedicate the revenue attributable to the sales tax on auto parts to transportation purposes, which would divert those funds away from their current general fund uses.
This leaves many of the CGMC’s priorities yet to be determined. An LGA increase, funding for water and wastewater infrastructure, the Greater Minnesota Business Development Infrastructure (BDPI) grant program, and funding for childcare initiatives are all still in play. Expect the volume of activity to intensify in these final weeks of session. As always, look to your CGMC team for the latest developments on these and other issues impacting Greater Minnesota cities.