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6 May ‘20

Webinar: COVID-19 Employment Update and Q&A with Labor and Employment Attorneys

2020-05-06T11:58:28-05:00May 6th, 2020|Categories: Archived Webinars, COVID-19, Events, Labor & Employee Relations, News, Webinar|

Employers are determining short and long-term measures to address the impacts of COVID-19 on workers and the workplace. This webinar answers public employer questions on any safety, operational, and personnel actions local governments have taken, will take, or are considering. In addition, the provides a brief on new medical, legal, or economic guidance from local, state, or federal officials.

22 Apr ‘20

Webinar: Keeping Public Workers Legally and Practically Safe from COVID-19

2020-04-22T13:40:29-05:00April 22nd, 2020|Categories: Archived Webinars, COVID-19, Events, Labor & Employee Relations, News, Webinar|

Local governments are navigating legal requirements, medical guidance, and employee concerns about keeping their workplaces and workforce safe with the spread of COVID-19, while also maintaining continuity of efficient and high-quality operations. This webinar will explore requirements and practices to ensure that workplace conditions are safe and employees are able to remain safe yet productive.

9 Apr ‘20

Webinar: Planning for the next chapter of COVID-19 public workplace changes

2020-04-22T13:42:08-05:00April 9th, 2020|Categories: Archived Webinars|

Local governments have changed their operations and workforces to address the rapidly evolving COVID-19 outbreak and related state and federally issued guidelines and directives, especially the Governor’s stay-at-home order. But, now, the outbreak is spreading, the legal requirements are expanding, work is diminishing, finances are tightening, and public scrutiny is increasing. This webinar will explore workforce changes local governments can plan for and make and the impacts of these changes, such as restructuring how work gets done, modifying work schedules and staffing, providing leave flexibility, and, potentially, reductions in the workforce.