During the organization’s February 6 Legislative Action Day at the State Capitol, Governor Mark Dayton addressed the membership of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC). At the event, he discussed his proposed budget and Local Government Aid (LGA) formula reforms with over 80 city officials representing 45 communities from every corner of Minnesota.

“The CGMC is very pleased that the Governor has proposed a structurally-balanced budget and an $80 million increase in LGA program funding. This stability is much needed by Minnesota cities after a decade of cuts and unallotments,” said Cynthia Jaksa, an International Falls City Councilor. “I was especially glad that the Governor stated he was open to working with Greater Minnesota cities to make changes to his proposal, because as introduced, International Falls would lose significant state aid.”

“The Department of Revenue’s proposed formula did not adequately measure the need in Albert Lea,” said Vern Rasmussen, Mayor of Albert Lea. “I was relieved to hear that the Governor was willing to start from scratch and develop a formula that meets the needs of all the cities in the state.”

In the weeks ahead, the CGMC will work with the Governor, Department of Revenue, and Legislature to propose a formula that is fair, sustainable, and recognizes cities’ different needs and ability to raise local revenue.