The CGMC Board of Directors met with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Congressman Tim Walz on March 15, the fourth in a series of meetings with candidates running for governor. The board previously met with candidates Chris Coleman, Tina Liebling and Erin Murphy in November; Keith Downey, Rebecca Otto and Paul Thissen in December and Matt Dean, Mary Giuliani Stephens and Jeff Johnson in January. Coleman, Thissen, Dean and Liebling have since ended their gubernatorial campaigns.

Congressman Walz, a Mankato resident who has represented the Minnesota’s First Congressional District since 2006, said he is running for Governor because believes in “One Minnesota” and wants to bridge the rural/urban divide, which he said has been exacerbated by other politicians for political gain. He praised the CGMC for its work on LGA and for being a voice for rural communities, noting that he looks forward to working hand-in-hand with our organization if elected. When crafting a budget, Rep. Walz said transportation would be one of his highest priorities, along with education and other “bread-and-butter issues.” As to water quality regulations, he said he would practice “regulatory humility” rather than be a “regulatory regime.” He emphasized the need to focus on good science and collaborate with all of the stakeholders, including farmers and city leaders, when setting regulations. He also stressed the importance of our state’s workforce and a desire to partner with trade unions, high schools and colleges to train future workers.

You can learn more about Rep. Walz and his priorities at his campaign website: