Below is press statement from CGMC President and Le Sueur Mayor Robert Broeder on the Governor’s pocket-veto of the tax bill. A PDF version is available here.

For Immediate Release: June 7, 2016
Contact: Julie Liew,

“We are profoundly disappointed that Governor Dayton and legislative leaders could not work together to resolve the issues with the tax bill. This bill, which contains several important provisions for Greater Minnesota including a $20 million increase in Local Government Aid and tax relief for farmers, businesses and students, passed the House and Senate with overwhelming bipartisan support. It is a shame to see another bill fall victim to the partisan bickering that has plagued this entire session.

If a special session is required to fix the problems with the tax bill, then that is what should happen. Even if the Governor and legislators can’t come to an agreement on other issues like bonding and transportation, they should at least have a special session to fix a typo in an otherwise strong bill.

If our state leaders can’t even agree to do that, they better expect to get an earful from Minnesotans this summer. As Governor Dayton and legislators make their rounds at parades and local events, I hope every Minnesotan will speak up to let them know that their inaction is totally unacceptable. We deserve far better from our elected officials.”