CGMC Executive Director Bradley Peterson penned a guest column for the online news site Minnesota Reformer in which he called on the Minnesota Legislature to pass a bonding bill during the upcoming special session that invests at least $1.5 billion in critical infrastructure projects around the state. In his column, Peterson noted that the CGMC had been pushing for a $1.5 billion bonding bill well before the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent unrest in the Twin Cities, two crises that have made the need for a substantial public works package all the more necessary and timely.

The CGMC continues to push for a bonding bill that includes funding for important projects and programs that benefit Greater Minnesota communities. Top priorities include:

  • $200 million for Public Facilities Authority (PFA) water infrastructure grant and loan programs
  • $20 million for child care facility grants
  • $20 million for the Greater Minnesota Business Development Public Infrastructure (BDPI) grant program
  • $200 million for local roads and bridges