In  column published yesterday in the Star Tribune, CGMC President Rick Wolff, who is also the mayor of Hibbing, makes the case that Rep. Tom Emmer’s proposed budget plan would continue to shift the state’s tax burden to property taxpayers. In his plan, Rep. Emmer, who is running as the Republican candidate for Minnesota governor, proposes cutting property tax aids and credits by roughly 33 percent. To read the full column, click here.

Political minds are shaping the upcoming election around one specific question: What are government’s responsibilities to the people it serves? Emmer has stated that when it comes to LGA, government should restrain itself and provide only for what he deems “core” needs, including public safety and drivable roads. Those undeniably are core city services, but as the mayor of a small town, I know my residents would say that Emmer’s list falls short. Minnesotans want to live in an educated community where the public library attracts both young and old. They want recreation centers where youths can find positive and safe ways to occupy their time. They want senior centers so our elderly can socialize instead of feeling abandoned.

For decades, Minnesotans have viewed government as a partner, not an enemy, in achieving a quality of life that other states envy, and this has only been possible through LGA.