Below is a statement from Robert Broeder, mayor of Le Sueur and president of the CGMC, regarding Minnesota’s $1.8 billion budget surplus and the need to increase funding for Local Government Aid (LGA). The CGMC is seeking a $45.5 million increase to the LGA program, which would bring funding back to its 2002 level. A PDF version of the statement is available here.

“City leaders across the state are hopeful that with a $1.8 billion budget surplus, legislators will seize this opportunity to invest in critical needs in Greater Minnesota, starting with an increase in LGA. Because the Legislature failed to pass a tax bill last session, LGA is one of the few budget issues still up in the air. Today’s surplus announcement proves that legislators have no excuses—they need to finish this unfinished business and pass a modest increase in LGA funding. Lawmakers should not squander this historic opportunity—now is the time to invest in Minnesota communities and the result will be better roads, safer neighborhoods and stronger businesses.”