For Immediate Release:  November 14, 2011

Contact: Glen Fladeboe

cell: 651-208-3262

Statement from Alan Oberloh, President of the Coalition of Greater MN Cities and Mayor of Worthington, Regarding Republican Property Tax Announcement

“We appreciate the House Tax Chair’s efforts to offset the property tax increases created by the 2011 legislative session. Minnesotans need to know the facts.  The legislature cut over $600 million of property tax relief in the summer of 2011 and today offered to fix it with $80 million dollars.  Businesses and homeowners are hurting—and we need a comprehensive and aggressive strategy to bring down property taxes—a strategy that acknowledges that the root cause of property tax increases are the continued cuts of aids to local governments. Anyone interested in property tax relief should start by saying that additional cuts to property tax relief programs are off the table for 2012.”