Congratulations to all of our members who received bonding appropriations in the bonding bills this year! Within the next few weeks the Office of Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) and/or the agency responsible for your grant will be contacting you with instructions on your responsibilities and next steps. MMB is in the process of revising the Capital Grants Manual and should be finished soon. You can view the 2012 version here, but keep in mind there will be minor changes.

As the grantee you’ll be responsible for a number of items, starting with a review of the requirements set forth in the manual and relevant statutes, as well as the state grant agreement. The agency making the agreement will prepare it and forward it to you for your review and approval. You will be asked to provide information on the project, including the sources and uses for the funds. You will also want to review the project checklist to ensure that your project is eligible (for example, does it have a public purpose, public ownership, and qualified expenditures?). You will then need to sign the grant agreement and potentially sign a use agreement. Payment requests with appropriate documentation will also be submitted to the granting agency. Then the fun begins – construction and operation of the project.

The best source for more detailed information is MMB. As mentioned, it (or the granting agency) will be reaching out in the next few weeks to get you on track.