Though the supplemental budget conference committee is a long way from finishing its work (absent General Fund spending targets), it was able to move forward with some non-General Fund spending on Wednesday. When the General Fund budget targets of the Transportation Committees were shifted to the Capital Investment Committees in both bodies, Senate Chair Scott Dibble and House Chair Frank Hornstein (both DFL-Minneapolis) worked to see if there were other means of funding some of the priorities they had included in their original budget. They worked with MnDOT to see if there was any flexibility within existing Trunk Highway Fund resources (our gas tax/tab fee/MVST dollars). These efforts resulted in $25 million being appropriated to the Corridors of Commerce program and $6 million being appropriated to the TED program. CGMC Transportation Lobbyist Amanda Duerr was in close contact with the chairs, encouraging and supporting these efforts to deliver resources to these CGMC priority programs.

Much work remains to be done on the supplemental budget, but this dedication of transportation resources is a positive step for the CGMC. Please contact Amanda at with any questions.