It’s Day 12 of the Shutdown and legislative leaders from both parties held press conferences staking out their positions on the stalled negotiations.

This morning, DFL House leaders and members held a press conference on the capitol steps calling on Republicans to come to the table and support Governor Dayton’s tax proposal to end the government shutdown. They had six empty chairs representing the six Republican votes needed (when combined with DFL votes) to resolve the budget stand off. You can watch the press conference here.

This afternoon, GOP leadership from the House and Senate held a press conference asking the Governor to call the legislature back into session to sign a “Lights-on” bill that would put 16,000 of 22,000 laid off state employees back to work.  You can watch that press conference here.

Meanwhile Governor Dayton held a community roundtable in St. Cloud to discuss how he believes the GOP budget will impact special education.  Several legislators from both parties attended.  Video from the event can be viewed here.