On Wednesday, Gov. Walz signed the $1.9 billion bonding bill passed by the Legislature last week. The enactment of the bill ends the long and winding road to the state’s largest-ever capital investment package, and the first one passed in more than two years.

Passage of a bill seemed improbable after five months of false starts and stalemate that began in May when House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt issued an ultimatum that his caucus would not support a bill unless Gov. Walz relinquishes pandemic-related executive powers. But as the state headed into the fall with an economy on shaky footing and an election around the corner, the dynamics changed and a bill became possible once again.

The CGMC was consistently one of the loudest and most adamant groups calling for a bonding bill, and our efforts paid off. Following the passage of the bill last week, the Star Tribune lauded the bi-partisan package as “a case study on how to make a good deal.” In doing so, they specifically mentioned that it was pressure from the CGMC and other groups that made the difference in getting the deal done.

There are many groups and individuals to thank for their efforts in passing the bonding bill. First, we want to say THANK YOU to the CGMC members who kept pushing for the bill, even in times when the path forward was unclear. Thanks are also due to Gov. Walz and his staff, Capital Investment Committee Chairs Sen. David Senjem and Rep. Mary Murphy, and others including House Speaker Melissa Hortman, Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, Rep. Dean Urdahl, Sen. Sandy Pappas, and Senate Minority Leader Susan Kent.