Mayors gather across state to discuss LGA

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman joined New Ulm Mayor Robert Buessman, North Mankato Mayor Mark Dehan, and Mankato City Council member Mike Laven in Mankato to highlight the importance of LGA to southern Minnesota and the whole state.  The Mankato Free Press covered the story here: and KEYC’s story can be viewed here:

Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak attended similar press conferences in Alexandria and Moorhead.  He was joined in Alexandria by mayor H. Dan Ness, Elbow Lake mayor Jay McNamar and Morris mayor Sheldon Giese.  In Moorhead, Rybak spoke with city council member (and mayor pro-tem) Greg Lemke and other city officials.  KSAX wrote about the Alexandria stop here: and Inforum covered the meeting in Moorhead here: .

Former Mayor of Bemidji writes in favor of LGA

Richard Lehmann, the former mayor of Bemidji, crafted the following editorial arguing for the preservation of LGA: .

In case you missed it: Council on State Taxation Issues New Study

The Council on State Taxation (COST) in conjunction with Ernst & Young LLP has recently issued a study that shows that according to their objective, nonpartisan analysis Minnesota comes in 10th in competitiveness in a ranking of states by tax burden on new investment. While the overall competitiveness ranking for Minnesota is strong, the study does show that when it comes to property taxes Minnesota has a higher effective property tax rate than neighboring states North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. The whole study can be found at COST’s website here:

Top Ten

Rank State Effective Tax Rate
1 Maine 3.0%
2 Oregon 3.8%
3 Ohio 4.4%
4 Wisconsin 4.5%
5 Illinois 4.6%
6 Virginia 5.4%
7 New Hampshire 5.4%
8 Delaware 5.7%
9 Wyoming 5.8%
10 Minnesota 6.0%

Bottom Ten

Rank State Effective Tax Rate
42 West Virginia 9.7%
43 Alabama 9.7%
44 Mississippi 10.2%
45 Tennessee 10.3%
46 Hawaii 10.8%
47 Louisiana 11.1%
48 Kansas 11.2%
49 Rhode Island 11.5%
50 District of Columbia 16.6%
51 New Mexico 16.6%

Minnesota Income Distribution According to Tax Incidence Study

Tax Incidence Study Full of Interesting Information

Every biennium the Minnesota Department of Revenue puts out the Tax Incidence Study. The study attempts to show how the burden of all taxes raised in Minnesota is shared by businesses and residents. The study is full of interesting information including how income is distributed in Minnesota (shown below). The full study can be found at .