The House Property and Local Tax Division Report — in effect the division’s omnibus bill — was released Wednesday. The $146.5 million package includes the CGMC’s request for a $30.5 million increase in Local Government Aid (LGA) which would restore the program to its 2002 funding level.

Other notable items in the division’s report include a $30.5 million increase to County Program Aid, expansion of the Homestead Credit Refund and Renter’s Property Tax Refund programs, an extension of aid to cities for contributions to the Public Employee Retirement System and $1 million for cities with border city enterprise zones.

On Friday, nonpartisan staff will lead a walk-through of the bill and division members will hear testimony from the public. Members of the division will have an opportunity to offer amendments to the proposal on Monday. A final report adopted by the division will be sent to the House Taxes Committee for possible inclusion in its omnibus tax bill.

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