On Friday, the Department of Revenue issued a memorandum stating that payments under government aid programs will not made unless a court orders the department to do so.  What this means for Coalition of Greater Minnesota City (CGMC) members is that if the state government shuts down Friday and continues through the rest of the month,  July LGA payments will not be made unless a court order that the payment be made.

The CGMC is working with the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) and other city groups to ensure that the payments are made.  On Wednesday, the LMC, CGMC, and the City of St. Paul filed a petition requesting that the court ensure that the proceedings underway regarding the shutdown do not impact the amount allocated to cities under aid programs and that the July payments authorized by payment be made on a timely basis.

The court has heard arguments from the LMC and others regarding the various petitions that have been submitted, but has not issued any rulings.  Thus, at this moment the timing of the July LGA payments is still not certain.

Update: The Minneapolis City Council has authorized the Minneapolis city attorney to join in the legal petition filed by the LMC, CGMC and St. Paul.

Copies of the MN DOR memorandum can be found here and copies of the LMC et al legal filing can be found here.