This free webinar was the second in a series of planned CGMC webinars to be held via Zoom to help local governments navigate labor and employment concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Watch the first webinar: Planning for Next Chapter of COVID-19 Public Workplace Changes)

Presenters:     Brandon M. Fitzsimmons and Chelsea J. Bodin, Labor and Employment Attorneys, Flaherty & Hood, P.A.

About this webinar

Local governments are navigating legal requirements, medical guidance, and employee concerns about keeping their workplaces and workforce safe with the spread of COVID-19, while also maintaining continuity of efficient and high-quality operations. This webinar explores requirements and practices to ensure:

  1. Workplace conditions are safe for workers through physical distancing, keeping facilities sanitary and providing or encouraging personal protective equipment; and
  2. Employees are safe yet still productive through appropriately handling concerns about employees’ own medical conditions and their potential exposure to COVID-19 and the corresponding complexity of administering related leaves of absence. 

PDF of Power Point presentation

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