The Governor and legislative leaders are close to finalizing all of the budget bills to end the budget impasse and the resulting shutdown.  The completed bills are posted on-line here.  There is some good news for greater Minnesota in the Legacy funding bill.  The Legacy bill divides  up the money received through the 1/2 cent sales tax, a portion of which is dedicated to parks and trails of statewide or regional significance.  During the last biennium, the  parks and trails money had been divided between dedicated shares for DNR state parks and metropolitan parks and a competitive grant program for the entire state.  Greater Minnesota did not receive dedicated funds, but instead had to compete with metropolitan parks for a share of the competitive grant program.  During the 2011 regular legislative session, the conference committee report provided that greater Minnesota would receive a dedicated share of the parks and trails portion of this money.   The bill did not pass of the House floor before session adjourned, largely due to a controversial provision relating to the open meeting law. Suburban and metropolitan legislators also objected to the dedication of funds to greater Minnesota.

In the bill that has been posted on-line here, it appears that the dedicated share of funds for greater Minnesota  (approximately 19% the first year and 20% of the funds the second year) has been preserved.