We are now down to 8.5 hours until the midnight deadline for the Legislature to pass bills. Legislative leaders still appear to be trying to hatch deals on the remaining bills, but at this point it is anybody’s guess whether they can manage to reach agreements and pass the bills through the House and Senate before the day ends.

After the session officially ends tomorrow, CGMC staff will further analyze the bills that pass (and those that don’t) and provide our members with a more detailed report on how our top priorities fared this session.

The House passed the tax bill, which includes a $20 million increase in base funding for LGA, earlier this afternoon. It is anticipated that the Senate will vote on the bill later this afternoon or early this evening.

Do we think it will it pass by midnight on Sunday? It’s very likely.

There is not much news to report on the bonding bill since the Senate came out with an updated $1.4 million bill yesterday. The House still has not released a counter-offer. There is speculation that the bonding bill might end up including transportation funding and provisions. As of now, the House and Senate still remain $600 million apart on bonding. House Speaker Kurt Daudt told reporters this afternoon that he is confident that both a transportation bill and bonding bill will pass.

Do we think it will it pass by midnight on Sunday? Although the clock is ticking, it is still likely.

There is no news to report on the transportation bill, other than Speaker Daudt’s expression of confidence that a bill will pass tonight.

Do we think it will it pass by midnight on Sunday?  We’re not holding our breath.

The conference committee just agreed upon a bill. It includes $35 million in broadband funding, but unfortunately also includes problematic language which will give the telecom industry more influence over who receives a grant and make it more difficult to access the fund.

Do we think it will it pass by midnight on Sunday?  Chances are good.