House and Senate versions of the local government aid (LGA) bill have now been introduced. We are fortunate to have strong lead authors and good slate of bi-partisan authors on both bills. Rep. Paul Anderson (R-Starbuck) is our champion for HF 685 in the House, while Sen. Lyle Koenen (DFL-Clara City) is carrying SF 874 in the Senate. The legislation increases the LGA appropriation by $45.5 million over two years to get the program back to its 2002 funding level.

The legislation is already getting positive attention, including this editorial from the Duluth New Tribune. The editorial uses quotes from CGMC President Heidi Omerza from this CGMC press release and notes the bi-partisan support for our bills.

As the legislation advances, cities can help by passing a resolution in support of LGA. A draft sample resolution can be found here. Please feel free to tailor it to your city’s unique circumstances.

If you have any questions about our efforts on LGA or property taxes in general, please contact Bradley Peterson at