MnDOT’s 2018 Corridors of Commerce funding awards completely fail Greater Minnesota

Below is statement from CGMC President and Granite Falls Mayor Dave Smiglewski regarding the allocation of $400 million in Corridors of Commerce project funding, which was unveiled May 1:

“The Corridors of Commerce awards announced this morning demonstrate a massive failure on MnDOT’s part to address transportation needs statewide. Corridors of Commerce was clearly designed to be statewide program aimed at connecting regional corridors to one another and to the metro area. There is far more to Minnesota than a 40-mile radius around U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, but you certainly wouldn’t know that from looking at the 2018 awards.

“We demand that the Legislature take immediate action to suspend MnDOT’s decision so that the program can be reevaluated and brought in line with its original purpose.”


The Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization representing 96 cities outside of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The Coalition educates legislators about issues important to Greater Minnesota. Visit the CGMC online at and follow us on Twitter @greatermncities.