This week marked a full month since the Legislature adjourned without deals on bonding, taxes or transportation. At this point, the two sides are still talking … barely. The Governor and legislative leaders met earlier this week and all sides left the meeting feeling more discouraged.

A new dynamic was brought to the negotiations when House Republicans added demands for tax credits for private schools and preemption of local government authority to set regulations on such things as wages and benefits.

At post-meeting press conferences, both sides played the blame game and accused each other of not really wanting a special session.

Subsequent to the meeting, Gov. Dayton has indicated a willingness to drop half of his additional bonding proposals, but reiterated his “must haves” include funding for a University of Minnesota health sciences building and more money for maintenance of MNSCU facilities.

No further meetings are scheduled and Gov. Dayton has indicated he is waiting for House Speaker Daudt to call the next meeting.