“The need for broadband is long overdue; now is the time to act. Given the importance of the issues and years of talk, it is perplexing that Governor Dayton failed to dedicate a portion of the surplus to enhance broadband speed and accessibility across Minnesota. Greater Minnesota leaders from business, local government, education and the non-profit community, as well as the Governor’s own Broadband Task Force, all agree that a $100 million investment this year would go a long way to ensuring Minnesota’s competitiveness in the 21st Century. The state can no longer afford to ignore Greater Minnesota’s top economic development priority.”

“We are also disappointed that the Governor did not seek to follow up on the success of 2013 by adding additional funds to the Local Government Aid Program (LGA). As can be seen across Greater Minnesota, property taxes have been significantly restrained and neglected infrastructure and public safety needs are finally getting the attention they deserve. Without additional funds from the Governor and Legislature this year, that progress will stagnate.”