There have been glimmers of hope for a special session throughout the summer, but every time we think it will happen our hopes are dashed. As we get closer to the fall election, a special session to address the tax, bonding, and transportation bills becomes more challenging from a political and logistical standpoint.

It looked like state leaders were close to a breakthrough at the end of July, but concerns about the August primary put the discussions on hold. At that time, Gov. Dayton expressed hope that a special session could be scheduled for mid-August following the primary. However, on Monday he said that a special session would need to be pushed back a week or two, if there is going to be one at all. The Governor is scheduled to meet with the four key legislative leaders on Friday in attempt to resolve the outstanding issues surrounding the special session.

The CGMC passed a resolution calling for a special session at our summer conference in July.  We urge our members to contact their legislators to remind them how important a special session is to their community.