Minnesota has now achieved the dubious record of the longest state shutdown in recent United States history.  The Governor and GOP legislative leaders continue to trade comments on how it could be resolved but the two sides do not appear to have moved closer.  Here’s a recap of today’s statements and news:

Updates from Governor Dayton

Governor Dayton held a press conference on the steps of the state capitol this afternoon that focused on three items.  First, he sent another letter to Senate Majority Leader Koch and House Speaker Zellers in which he stated that he would consider a variety of other forms of tax revenue, even some forms that he does not like.  A copy of the letter can be found here. He then announced that he would be traveling throughout the state this week to talk to communities about what is at stake in the budget negotiations.  He will travel to St. Cloud, several southern Minnesota cities and Moorhead.  Finally, he announced that he was releasing a You-Tube video on the issues at stake.

Updates from Legislative Leaders

This morning Senate Majority Leader Koch issued a statement expressing her disappointment with the ongoing shutdown and her opinion that Governor Dayton is solely responsible for the shutdown.  She outlined some of the costs associated with the shutdown.  A copy of the statement can be found here.

After Governor Dayton’s press conference today, Senator Koch, Representative Zellers and several other legislative leaders held a press conference to respond to Governor Dayton.  They expressed their disappointment that Governor Dayton continues to talk about raising revenue instead of cutting spending.  They also repeatedly called for a “lights on” bill to partially fund government while the remainder of the budget is being discussed.

You can listen to the press conferences on the Senate Media’s page here.