At the CGMC Summer Conference last week, staff lobbyists provided highlights of the legislative and other work performed over the last year and previewed some of the efforts that will be undertaken during the upcoming year.  Copies of the presentation are provided below the fold.

Annexation and Land Use

Even though it was a quiet year for annexation and land use, the CGMC helped advance legislation adopting one recommendation of the Annexation Task Force Report and started a discussion to work on reforming the detachment process.  Read more on Annexation.

Environment & Energy

This year the Legislature dedicated money to Parks and Trails in Greater Minnesota.  It also started paying attention to the impact that municipal lab regulations and water quality standards have on waste water treatment facilities.   Read more on the Environment.

Economic Development

The final budget bill contained$ 4 million for the greater Minnesota Business Development Public Infrastructure grant program.  Next year the CGMC hopes to focus even more on job growth and business development in rural Minnesota.  Read more on our Economic_development program.


Our transportation focus this year was on minimizing cuts to greater Minnesota transit.  Read more on transportation funding.