The CGMC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization representing more than 100 cities outside of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The Coalition also educates legislators about issues important to Greater Minnesota.


The origins of the CGMC stem from the early 1970s, when several mayors in Greater Minnesota began to express concerns that their communities were not receiving adequate attention at the State Legislature. The mayors got together to brainstorm about what to do and ultimately decided that Greater Minnesota cities needed their own representation at the State Capitol.

Originally named the “Minnesota Coalition of Outstate Cities,” the organization began with just 13 cities. These early members had eager and enthusiastic city officials who banded together to set the direction of the organization. They hired lobbyists, met regularly with legislators, promoted their ideas in the media, and developed a strong presence around the Capitol, all while continuing to welcome additional members into the fold. In 1986, the group changed its name to the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities.

Local Government Aid has been a top priority for the CGMC since the organization’s creation. Over the years, the CGMC has expanded its focus to include economic development, transportation, environment and energy, annexation and labor and employee relations.

As the scope of the CGMC has grown over the past 40-plus years, so has its membership. Today, the CGMC has more than 100 member cities from every corner of the state.


CGMC cities are dedicated to a strong Greater Minnesota. Our mission is to develop viable, progressive communities for businesses and families through strong economic growth and good local government. We support fair property taxes, good land use planning, sensible environmental regulation, a balanced transportation system, and effective economic development tools to meet that goal.