The CGMC knows that every community needs successful businesses in order to grow and thrive.

We advocate for legislative initiatives that will enhance and expand existing economic development tools, as well as for the creation of new, innovative programs that will benefit local economies throughout Greater Minnesota.

Our recent legislative successes and other notable achievements.

Ensuring continued viability and funding for the Greater Minnesota Business Development Public Infrastructure Grant Program, most recently securing $12 million in bonding for the program.

Key advocate for the creation of the Border-to-Border Broadband Development Grant Program and helped obtain more than $85 million in funding.

Secured $1.5 million in state funding for grant programs that aim to reduce the child care shortage in Greater Minnesota.

Helped create and secure ongoing funding for the Greater Minnesota Job Training Incentive Program.

Policy Positions

Advocacy Documents

Bills to Watch

  • HF 2529 – House bonding bill
  • SF 3463 – Senate bonding bill
  • HF 3497/SF 3429 – Appropriates $20M ($10M in bonding and $10M from the general fund) for the child care facility capital grant program
  • HF 1077/SF 535 – Appropriates $20M in bonding to the Greater Minnesota Business Development Public Infrastructure Grant Program
  • HF 1/SF 4093 – Appropriates funding to the Minnesota Initiative Foundations for rural child care initiatives
  • HF 1/SF 4094 – Appropriates funding to the DEED child care grant program
  • HF 4166/SF 4102 – Appropriates $5M in state funding for the Greater Minnesota Fix-Up Fund to assist cities in rehabilitating dilapidated housing
  • HF 4165/SF 4103 – Appropriates $2.5M in state bonding to create a grant program for public infrastructure needed to increase housing availability
  • HF 3877/SF 3784 – Appropriates $2M to the Workforce Housing Development Fund and changes the program to allow grants of up to 50% of project costs

Staff Contacts

Scott McMahon, Lobbyist


Phone: 651.259.1908

Shane Zahrt, Attorney/Lobbyist