The CGMC is a strong advocate for cities when it comes to addressing environmental concerns. As cities across Greater Minnesota face huge costs to comply with new environmental regulations and upgrade their aging facilities, we are leading the charge for additional state funding for infrastructure.

We also fight to ensure that regulations are grounded in science, cost-effective and achieve measurable environmental benefits.

Our recent legislative successes and other notable achievements include:

Obtained more than $200 million in bonding for grant and loan programs that help cities pay for critical upgrades to their clean water infrastructure.

Successfully advocated for changes that give cities a stronger voice in permitting and regulatory processes.

Led the charge for a new state law that improves the scientific peer review process when developing new water quality standards.

Our efforts resulted led to the establishment of a new state law that requires agencies to consider existing debt when imposing new permit limits on cities.

Policy Positions

Advocacy Documents

Bills to Watch

  • SF 3336/HF 3529 – Appropriates $200M in bonding for the Public Facilities Authority water infrastructure grant and loan programs. CGMC supports this bill.
  • SF 3414/HF 3638 – Municipal perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) source reduction initiative appropriation. CGMC supports this bill.
  • SF 3413/HF 3528 – Chloride pollution reduction funding provided, and money appropriated. CGMC supports this bill.

Staff Contacts

Elizabeth Wefel, Attorney/Lobbyist


Phone: 651.259.1924