The CGMC is the leading voice in the fight to protect and increase funding for Local Government Aid (LGA).

We work hard to ensure that the LGA program maintains its commitment to addressing property tax inequities across the state so that all Minnesota cities, regardless of zip code, are able to provide quality public services while restraining property taxes.

Our recent legislative successes and other notable achievements include:

Successfully advocated for a $30.5 million LGA increase, which will finally bring program funding back up to its 2002 high-water mark.

Played a key role in the effort to overhaul the LGA formula and secure an $80 million increase in 2013.

Defended the LGA program against repeated efforts to misdirect or arbitrarily cut funds.

LGA and Property Tax Runs

Policy Positions

Advocacy/Informational Documents

Bills to Watch

  • HF 3389 – House tax bill
  • SF 4092/HF 4274 – Adjusts annual LGA appropriation to account for inflation

Staff Contacts

Bradley Peterson, CGMC Executive Director


Phone: 651.259.1911

Marty Seifert, Lobbyist


Phone: 651.259.1905