The Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities is a non-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization driven by our city officials.  The CGMC was organized 30 years ago with the belief that cities working together can be more successful than by working as individuals.

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include invitations to CGMC-sponsored forums and conferences, access to media and public relations personnel, and much more including:

  • Regular communications: In addition to emails and phone calls regarding specific legislative activity, members receive the CGMC in Brief, a weekly e-newsletter from our lobbyists at Flaherty & Hood, P.A.
  • Fiscal Analysis: CGMC city officials receive access to the CGMC property tax model which provides information on the property tax impacts on cities from proposed legislation.
  • Policy Positions and Lobbying: Members set policy positions for our legislative issues at our November fall conference.  Members also receive accurate and timely information to use with legislators, the media, and the public.
  • Labor & Employee Relations Committee: As a member of the CGMC, you also benefit from the CGMC Labor & Employee Relations Committee (Labor Committee) services. The Labor Committee provides databases, statistical analyses, seminars, and publications that enable you to make more informed decisions about your city’s labor relations needs and more effectively manage your employees. Additionally, the Committee makes available expert representation and advice on labor and employment issues at a significantly reduced rate to CGMC member cities.

Membership Dues

The dues are based on population, with larger cities charged at a higher rate than smaller cities (dues are also capped for larger cities).  If your city has never been a member of the coalition, it is eligible for the following phase-in:

  • 25% of the regular cost of dues the first year of membership,
  • 50% due the second year,
  • 75% due the third year, and
  • 100% due the fourth year or membership.

If your city has not been a member during the last five years, it is eligible for the following phase-in:

  • 50% of the regular cost of dues the first year of membership,
  • 75% due the second year, and
  • 100% due the third year of membership.

Contact Information

City officials interested in having their city join the coalition are encouraged to contact

CGMC Executive Director Bradley Peterson


Phone: 651-225-8840