As we get closer to the start of the legislative session, the CGMC is ramping up its advocacy efforts to generate legislative support for a $45.5 million increase in LGA funding, which would bring the LGA program back to its 2002 funding level. One important action that cities can take now to show their support is to pass a resolution in favor of restored LGA funding.

We strongly encourage all CGMC members to pass a resolution; you can use this sample resolution as a guide. Please include examples of how LGA is important to your city. Upon passage of the resolution, send it to your local House and Senate members, House Tax Committee Chair Rep. Greg Davids, Senate Tax Committee Chair Sen. Rod Skoe, House Speaker Kurt Daudt, Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk and Governor Mark Dayton.

Also, please forward a copy of your city’s resolution to CGMC lobbyist Bradley Peterson at so that we can build a packet of all the LGA resolutions passed by our cities.