Yesterday afternoon, Governor Pawlenty released a plan to balance the state’s budget based on the belief that $400 million in anticipated federal money will not be delivered to the state before the session adjourns. The governor’s plan would reduce state expenditures by a total of $536 million. For cities, the governor’s cuts mean an additional $87.5 to $102.5 million reduction on top of $52.5 million cut by the legislature earlier in the session.  If enacted, this will make the session’s final cut to LGA/MVC $15 to $30 million more than the governor’s original budget recommendations, a total cut between $140 and $155 million.  This, of course, is on top of the $128 million unallotment for 2010.

To see how your city would fare under the governor’s proposed cuts, click here for a city-by-city run. The final columns on the far right side of the spreadsheet show a city’s final cut based on the low-end estimate and high-end estimate.